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Consulting and business development firm.

Hajrapetian ConsultNordic is a consulting and business development firm. We help IT companies from all over the world grow their businesses.

Using our well-refined, targeted approach, we are able to identify high-value clients that have a demand for the services that your company can provide. We assist your company in not only identifying the proper clients but also in closing them.

One common thread among our clients is that they are very bold and eager to expand. Through us, you get a representative that will make sure you don’t miss out on any valuable opportunities. Our company has a very successful track record, with our previous clients we’ve collectively generated 7-figure opportunities.


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Our Services!

Experts in B2B business development.

We help IT companies find new clients. Using our targeted approach we identify relevant clients that have requirements that fit your company’s offering.


We research markets and segments to find relevant prospects with needs that fit your company’s offering.


We establish communication, through different channels, with relevant prospects and generate warm leads.

Sales calls

We conduct sales calls with the warm leads where we conduct business analysis and pitch them solutions for their needs.


We help negotiate and close contracts with warm leads.

Our Process!


Construct sales strategy

In the initial stage of our cooperation, working closely with our clients, we construct a sales strategy where we outline how we are going to go about our business development.


Research markets

After the sales strategy is constructed, we start researching our defined markets and segments to find relevant prospects.


Reach out to decision-makers

After we found our relevant prospects, we use different channels of communication to reach out to the decision-makers at our prospects companies and get in touch with them.


Conduct sales calls

Once we are in touch with the decision-makers at our prospect companies, we set up sales calls together with them to find out more about their needs and pitch them the solutions our client can provide.


Conduct contract negotiations

Once a formal proposal has been sent to the prospects, we help our client conduct contract negotiations and convert the prospect into a client.


These are the geographical markets we operate in





Some of our case studies

Case study #1

Working with an Eastern European IT development company we targeted mid-sized businesses in Scandinavia. In the 2nd month of working together, we were able to find a Finnish mid-sized business who was in the need of developing a custom web app that would serve as an image editor for their customers.

After an extensive pitch and intense negotiations, where there was also competition from other providers, through good communication we were able to close this lead into a client.

Development hours: 2600 hours

Revenue: $105,000

Case study #2

Working with an Eastern European IT development company we targeted early-stage startups in Western Europe/UK. By the end of the 2nd month of working together, we found an early-stage startup that had good funding and was in the need of augmenting their team with dedicated developers.

After getting familiar with their needs we set up interviews with our candidates. We were able to allocate 3 developers to this client, to begin with, which after 2 months turned into a 5 developer team. This cooperation is on-going and has been going on for almost 1.5 years.

Dedicated developers: 5

Monthly revenue: $32,000

Case study #3

Working with an Indian IT development company we targeted small-to-medium sized businesses in the US. In the 1st month of working together, we were able to identify a prospect who had an existing web app written in an outdated language which they wanted to convert into a modern programming language.

We sent them our proposal and quote on how we could transform their web app which they responded well to. After some contract negotiations, we were able to turn them into a client and handle this project for them. After the finished delivery, we also signed a maintenance agreement for the new web app.

Development hours: 1000 hours

Revenue: $25,000


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